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Reelmate toolbox
Use it to run trailing earth lead


Jason and Blythe would like to thank you for  your support over the past 14 years. Due to time spent back on the tools to support our family,and not being able to provide the level of service to our customers, we have made the decision to close Tools Online at the EOFY. If we can assist you with anything in t he meantime please feel free to contact us and we will do our best.We will send out a members email shortly with some extra deals.


Wherever you go you can find a use for a Reelmate!

Use a grinder. It would be Faster!
Ideal Cutting height!

Tool box plastic ! Reelmate is especially suited for electricians because they are non conductive.

Plastic tool boxes will not rust, are extremely durable, and these tool boxes can be used as a cable stand. (Value added) Why not purchase one today, they are priced well considering the size to ship them and the amount of plastic that has gone into them, and plastic is not cheap these days as it is a petrolium based product. 3mm thick plastic tool box can hold electricians hand tools, and consumeable items for the job such as saddles, lugs, heatshrink, cable glands, even a small roll of 20mm corregated coduit will fit in the tool box. Saves time when packing up as all the gear that has been carried to the task throughout the day can then all be thrown in the tool box plastic cable off cuts and  rubbish can get thrown in also. This will surely make pack up time faster.

Stack your battery drill hammer drill and other electrician tools on top of the tool box and use a aluminium hand trolly to get all your gear back in one hit.


Reelmate Toolbox

Reelmate Toolbox
When your cable stands are loaded you can put more on your Reelmate.
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This original Australian design well suited for Industrial, commercial, and domestic applications.

Its simple but specific design suits most small to medium size reels up to 500 meters. Handle 100mtr reels of 2.5mm to 4.0mm TPS
500mtr reels SDI 1.5mm 2.5mm cable and 2 and 3 core screen cable for BMS installations, fire cable, security cable.

It can also be used as a seat, workstation and a cutting bench.

It’s an all-in-one system that saves time and money.It is constructed from super tough non-conductive UV and petrochemical rated polypropylene plastic.

It has unique cut away handles for comfort. Huge storage area to get all your gear to the job FAST!
Slide out reversable and lockable drawer to keep tools safe and protected.
Roller bar for rolling off cable, rope, hose, barricade tape, hand fishing lines or anything on a reel. Its also Stackable!

No other plastic toolbox offers this many features.

Why waste time? Use a Reelmate tool box and have a cable reel stand wherever you go!
Dimensions Height-390mm Width-400mm x 400mm
Max cable reel size 340mm diameter x 330mm wide
Cable reel weight 20KG
Material super strong UV and petrochemical resistant Polypropylene plastic, non conductive.
Features Benefits
Reel stand Always ready to use for cable, barricade tape, rope
Workstation Slide drawer out and have access to all your tools and a handy work bench. Saves bending your back.
Slide out reversable lockable drawer Keeps tools protected.
Cutting Bench Sturdy holding point for cutting PVC pipe, metal channel
Seat Sit and work at a safe and comfortable working height. You can work longer and faster in awkward positions without putting unnecessary stresses on your body

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews: 5.0
Reelmate ToolboxThese are the best, I dont know how many times I needed to pull in an extra cable
that didnt fit on my loaded set of cable stands. Now I can throw the extra cable on my
Tool box if I need to, and pull everything in, in one hit.
Written by Jason on Thu 20 Nov 2008 1:18:22 PM GMT
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