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Wall Snake



Wall Snake
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Because we know you will need this.

Coated Fiberglass Wall Snake the ultimate cable pulling tool.

The rectangular shape of this wall snake DOES NOT lose strength when being pushed — applying force against the wide side. By simply
turning it 180 degrees it practically bends back on Its self. GREAT for those difficult short turns and bends. It is 4.5 mtr in length

I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE THINKING! , "Why pay money for this, when I can just use plastic tongue from tongue and groove sheets"

But here is why we recomend the wall snake. Plastic tongue is 15mm wide, to wide for some installations, and it has a memory, its frustrating when the apprentice coils it up after you told them not to, and when you go to use it end up WASTING TIME TRYING TO GET IT STRAIGHT. so you can get it up the wall to pull cable.

This wall snake HAS NO MEMORY, because it is plastic coated fibreglass. it is ONLY 5MM WIDE and can be pushed inside 20mm conduit, wall and floor cavities
You will be surprised and YOUR CUSTOMERS WILL BE SURPRISED with the neater installs, to be able to hide the cables in the most trickiest situations. Use less surface conduit and keep your customers happy.

Using this product to get cables down walls with insulation wool inside them will save you alot of time and grief.
One end is supplied with a bullet tip for penetrating insulation. The other end has a new tip with a metal cup or saddle for laying cables in flat. Simply lay the cable or cables in the cup saddle, and tape them in place, ready for pulling cable.

Polypropylene plastic coating eliminates the fibreglass from splintering.

A coated fiberglass rectangular snake that goes where a round rod can’t!

• Extremely portable and light-weight.
• Comes coiled in PVC dispenser less than 30 cm in diameter and lighter than 1 kg.
• Non-conductive polypropylene coated fiberglass won’t rust or corrode.
• Rectangular snake will accommodate 90 degree bends in 25 mm conduit and can easily penetrate blown-in insulation.
• Can be bent 180 degrees within a 75 mm radius but retains memory to a straight line.
• Bright yellow polypropylene coating eliminates the possibility of shattering and is self-lubricating.
• Use primarily inside walls, under floors and between tack strip and wall.

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Customer Reviews

Average rating from 2 reviews: 5.0
Easy InstallOne last cable to run and the plasterers had sheeted me out yet again and wall was packed with insulation (the old yellow tongue wouldn't budge) but the wall snake made quick work of it and then neatly packed back into it's conduit. real time saver, great product. Written by Shane vk on Tue 19 May 2009 8:54:17 AM GMT
wall snakegoes up walls through insulation easy .put it on the spot every time.thrown out the yellow tounges. Written by Dale Stewart on Thu 2 Apr 2009 8:53:56 AM GMT
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