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Voltz Tool Pouch



Voltz Tool Pouch
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Electricians tool pouches are suppose to be designed to be comfortable, practical, and carry all the electricians tools you need, but not all electricians tool bags or electricians tool pouch will do exactly what you want.

That is until designer of the voltz electricians tool pouch Michael Nobbs has figured it out. The bag is bigger than a standard electricians tool pouch and smaller than a large bulky electricians tool bag.
See what he has to say:

As an Electrician I used to find myself either lugging a heavy tool box around or making endless trips back and forward to the car getting the tools that I need to do the job at hand.
I also found when working at the top of an elevated position, it was dangerous to carry my tools either stuffed in my pockets or carried in one hand. I decided I needed something to overcome this.
Having visited many stores and searching the internet, I was surprised that I could not find a tool bag that would cater for an Electrician's, Telecommunication Technician’s or Linesmen’s needs.

So I decided to design a bag that would carry all my basic hand tools and multimeter in a convenient, adaptable, easy to use, sturdy and hand-free manner.

Written by-Michael Nobbs (Designer)

-Compact, Convenient, Durable, Weather-Resistant Satchel Bag.

- Heavy Duty Construction with Safety Side Release Buckles on all straps.

- All materials used are non-conductive.

- Removable Multimeter Pouch has a clear PVC Screen, to access setting dial and view meter screen.

- 9 Separate Tool pockets for storing hand tools e.g. Pliers, Screwdrivers, Spanners, Cutters, Tape measure, Mobile/Radio Holder.

- 3 Independent Storage straps for holding Insulation Tape, Cable Ties or Testing Leads.

- Hands-Free carriage of Basic Tools.

- Double Stitching with Reinforced Seams.

- Can be worn as a Shoulder bag or converted into a Waist by unclipping side buckles & threading Shoulder Strap through back Belt Loops.

- Cover Flap to prevent tools falling out of electricians tool bag.

- Removable Multimeter Pouch so meter can be used independently of tool bag.

We like this electricians tool bag because of the feature of the cover flap it prevents hand tools from rusting when it starts to rain unlike all other electricians tool pouches.

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews: 5.0
Voltz Tool PouchPick up the Voltz pouch a month ago and have not looked back . I've had tool pouches before the leather kind that hanges of your belt , tool bags , buckets and the plastic tool totes as well. But this takes the cake easy to use it's all the above in one. Now days with OH&S you need this pouch just to work up a ladder so you have three points of contact . I find it best suited to my work that I do , I can carry my little driver ,meter,drivers and bit and pieces in the little pocket .
Cheers Chris
Written by Chris Strong on Tue 2 Mar 2010 10:03:22 AM GMT
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