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Retractable conduit snake



Retractable conduit snake
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Retractable conduit snake is 30meters long in this handy dispenser.
Stainless steel snake with extra strength nylon coating, wont rust A+
Smooth dispensing action.

Attachments are available to screw to the end of the conduit snake such as magnetic tip, pulling grip, grabit hook, bullet tip with 80mm flexi extension.
The posibilities are up to your imagination with this product. We have used the magnetic tip to remove sharp metal shards and filings from inside a 25mm conduit in a concrete slab
before installing the cable. I dont know of a product that could do it as easy as this.

Infact all the cable pulling equipment we sell have the ability to accept the screw on attachments.

Here is another good one,
1. Set your jet line at one end of a conduit run with a small metal object tied to it such as a 6mm nut drop it in the conduit.
2. Go to the other end of the conduit feed the retractable conduit snake in with the magnetic tip attached, you will feel it grab.
3. Retract the snake ( and by the way it packs it self up as you go) and job done, jet line is in ready to pull in cable.
It is not recommended to pull heavy cable over long distances as it may damage the snake although you'd be hard pressed smashing it.

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews: 5.0
conduit snakethe best snake i have ever had. Thanks for fast delivery, I had it on the job the next day Written by Scott Mathers on Wed 11 Mar 2009 2:39:44 PM GMT
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