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Kyoritsu 6010B Multi-function Tester and Software 8212 USB
Kyoritsu 6010B Multi-function Tester and Software 8212 USB
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Kyoritsu 6010B Multi-function Tester is the only way to go for professional contractors.
Need to down load your Test Results? Of course you do, Its the only way to cover your butt and submit
professional test results.

SAVE TIME Results download straight from the meter to your PC.

We have made it easy and included the software and cable (RRP 196.54+GST) ADDED BONUS

One instrument can do all this, eliminates the need to carry 4 different single function testers.
•Loop Impedance

• Continuity:
200mA Test Current
• Insulation:
500/1000V, 20/200MΩ
1mA Rated Test Current
• Loop Impedance:
15mA Test Current at 2000Ω (No RCD Trip)
• RCD:
x1/2, x1, Fast Trip(40ms), DC, Auto Ramp
• Test of a large kind of RCD's:
Standard, Selective, AC and A
(DC sensitive breakers)
• Uc(Contact Voltage): 100V
• Designed to IEC 61010-1, IEC 61557
• Data Memory:300 measured results
• The stored data can be transferred to PC via USB *SOFTWARE AND USB CABLE INCLUDED!!!*

7025 (Test Lead)
KAMP10* (Test Lead with IEC Connector)
Pouch for Test leads
Shoulder Strap
Shoulder Pad
Instruction Manual
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