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Fluke T130 Voltage/Continuity Tester RCD TRIP with LCD



Fluke T130 Voltage/Continuity Tester RCD TRIP with LCD
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Perfect for all site conditions, have a rugged construction and ergonomically formed housing for perfect handling. All models offer a patented three-phase rotation detection system providing quick phase rotation indication.

Moreover they have a special electrical torch function for working in low light level environments and have an ingress protection rating of IP65.

CAT IV 600 V, CAT III 690 V safety rating.
Fluke’s new family of two-pole testers comply
with both regulation HSE GS 38 (tip caps) and
IEC EN 61243-3: 2010, the most recent and
applicable standards for this type of test

4 ways to detect ac/dc voltage.
Fluke two-pole testers make answers easy to understand, indicating voltage
four ways:
A clear, instantly visible LED indicator, a bright digital
display of the measurement value, an audible continuity test, and vibration
to give tactile feedback ON THE FLUKE T130
Backlit graduated scale and backlit indicators.
Bright backlights ensure that the buttons and the indicators are visible under any lighting
conditions—and you can easily see and understand the answers.

Vibration provides tactile feedback  Even when viewing the display
or hearing the beeper is difficult, you’ll know voltage is present. This is especially useful in
noisy environments, or when you can’t take your eyes off the probes.
Audio on/off for testing in quiet areas. If you’re working in quiet surroundings, such
as a medical or office setting, you don’t want to disturb people in the vicinity with noises.
The tester’s acoustic alert switches on or off to fit your environment.
• Never guess whether your batteries are in good working order. The low battery indicator
gives you advance warning when they fall below proper working voltage. Built to work the way you work.
Detects voltage even with discharged batteries. The tester can still detect the presence
of voltage (>50 V ac, >120 V dc) even with dead batteries, an important safety feature.
You should always use your two-pole tester with working batteries, but for that rare time when
your batteries fail in the field, it’s nice to know you still have this one indication of live voltage.
• Improved probe docking for secure storage. When the probes are docked, the two-pole
tester is ready to use, with proper spacing for instant testing on standard outlets. If you’ve ever
been frustrated with wobbly probes that slowed you down, you’ll appreciate Fluke’s rugged design.
Phase rotation indicator for 3-phase systems. Where three-phase power supplies
feed motors, drives and electrical systems, use Fluke’s innovative three-phase rotation detection
system to quickly determine phase sequence. Ensure the system is wired correctly, without
reaching for another tool.
RCD functionality. Convenient two-button controls allow you to draw more current from
the circuit under test and intentionally trip Residual-Current Devices (RCDs) remotely and
determine if they are wired correctly. A Quick Start Guide covering the basics of RCD testing
is included with the product.
Display hold on T130 Focus on placing your probes, take the measurement, then read the LC display.
Built in electric torch on the fluke T130  Light up dim testing environments at the touch
of a button for faster, safer testing.
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