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AEMC Phase Rotation Meter

AEMC Phase Rotation Meter
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The AEMC Phase Rotation Meter Model PR-1 is a tough and compact little meter designed to identify phase sequence on three-phase systems and open/de-energized phases.

The Model PR-1 Phase Rotation Meter is ideal for commissioning rotating machinery such as Chillers, 3 phase motors before start up and for checking generator output.
It is EN 61010, 600V Cat. III TESTED and FUSE PROTECTED!

• Phase rotation (ABC or BAC) LED indicators
• Bright LED indication of Live or Open Phase (A, B, C)
• Fuse protected inputs
• Double insulated case
• Color-coded leads and alligator clips
• Permanently attached leads ( YOU CAN NEVER LOSE THEM)
• Tangle proof lead separators
• Simple operation
• Line powered - no battery
• EN 61010, 600V Cat. III TESTED

• Identify proper phase sequences of chillers, motors, incoming mains and submains.
• Detect missing wire phases blown or open
• Determine proper connections for rotating machinery
• Detect live circuits

Wattmaster volt stick

Wattmaster volt stick
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Wattmaster Volt stick gives
visual and audible indication.

230v to 1000v
Made in Sweden
CAT III rated meets IEC 61010 and IEC 900

Knipex Volt Tester

Knipex Volt Tester
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Pen-Style Control Cabinet Key with voltage tester

Contactless detection of alternating current: with optical indication
Range of voltage up to 600 V (frequency range 50-60 Hz)
Easy to carry with fastening clip
Four different key profiles
Magnetic 1/4" bit adapter for standard bits as well as additional bit adapter for 1/4" bits inside one key profile
Allows reliable detection of alternating current in insulated cables, conductors, plugs and power sockets; also without current flow.
After switching on an LED indicates the readiness for operation: this provides certainty in application

This Volt pen / control cabinet key WILL IMPROVE YOUR WORKING DAY. Keeping one of these
in your pocket you at all times you will be able access all types of control panels, have a screwdriver on you
and detect live cables.

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Kew Tech clamp meter

SAVE $35!
Kew Tech clamp meter
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Digital clamp meter by Kew Tech
Range-0 to 600volts, AC and DC Volts

Up to 400 amps AC current only


Kyoritsu electrical test kit

Kyoritsu electrical test kit
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Kyoritsu 3 piece electrical testing kit.

You get
Insulation resistance tester Model 3132A
Digital Multi meter Model 1009
Digital Clamp meter Model KT200

Fully protected carry case

CAT III Rated meters and test leads

Telescopic Service Pole Fuse Puller 6.1 Meter

Telescopic Service Pole Fuse Puller 6.1 Meter
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6.1 Meter (20ft) Fiberglass Telescopic Service pole fuse puller.

Blue Stripe fiberglass FUSE PULLER pole is the newest generation of fiberglass pole to enter the electrical market.

The Pole Fuse Puller has been engineered so additional fiberglass has been added where the highest strength is required and removed where it is not required.
The result is a telescopic stick able to withstand the rigors of line operations and still offer the utmost in lightweight portablility.
The outside surface texture provides a great gripping surface even in wet conditions.

All fiberglass telescoping poles click straight into place. No wasted time twisting and turning sections to get buttons to lock into place. They are all alligned via the Patented blue stripe.

The fiberglass pole also come equipped with the new EZ tip lock button replacement feature. No more complete stick disassembly to replace the tip lock button which usually winds up as a complete section 1 fiberglass changeout. The EZ tip lock button replacement feature permits the tip lock button to be replaced easily and rapidly WITHOUT disassembly of the entire stick, a costly and time consuming operation.



Aegis F- Set Cable Pair Identifier

Aegis F- Set Cable Pair Identifier
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Aegis F- Set Cable Pair Identifier.

Tone generator and Probe work amazing well.

Will save massive time identifying cables and cable pairs.

Clip the tone generator across a pair of cables. To find where they go to

use the probe, it will make a loud beeping sound when you have found the cable.

To confirm you have identified the correct cable, touch the pair together and the tone generator

clipped on at the other end of the cable will beep proving continuity.

Next cable please!

If your going to be identifying cable you need these. THIS IS THE UPSELL!

Autotrip RCD Tester

Autotrip RCD Tester
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AUTOTRIP Residual Current Device Tester and Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker Tester

Product Information

The New EFO AUTOTRIP RCD Tester is a powerful and comprehensive RCD Tester with unique time saving testing capabilities not found in other RCD Testers in the Market.The AUTOTEST RCD Tester can be used for testing RCDs at the socket outlet or directly from the switchboard using the Accessory test leads.

Faster RCD Operation Testing

To reduce RCD testing time the new EFO AUTOTRIP has two automatic test sequence functions Quick Auto           (2 Tests): 30mA x1 at 00 & 1800 and Full Auto (6 Tests): 30mA x½, x1, x5 at 00 & 1800 which allows the operator to set the test to run, resetting the RCD at the distribution board during the test cycle then returning to the instrument to recall the trip time results. Additional design features include a hands free function for rapid repeat RCD testing at distribution boards, Pass/Fail results, diagnostic ramp test (mA) and mains polarity. 

Product Features

  • Auto Test Sequence Fucntions
  • Quick Auto RCD Testing ( 2 RCD Tests )
  • Full Auto ( 6 RCD Tests )
  • Hands Free operation
  • Results Recall
  • Trip Time ms
  • Pass/Fail Results display
  • Ramp Test
  • Mains polarity

Product Specifications

Supply Voltage Range 195 to 253V AC 50-60Hz
Nominal Currents 10mA,30mA,100mA
Test Current Accuracy x 1/2 +0% - 10%
Test Current Accuracy x 1 +10% -0%
Test Current Accuracy x 5 (30mA only) +/- 5%
Test Current Accuracy Ramp +/- 5% of rated IN
Trip Time Accuracy to 1.999s +/- (1% +1ms)
Fault / Touch Voltage 50V
Over Voltage Protection 440V
Measurement Range 5ms – 1999ms
Operating Range Per EN61557 38ms – 1999ms

Product Standards

The AUTOTRIP RCD Tester complies fully with the requirements of EN61010 and complies with the sections of EN61557 
Electrical Safety in Low Voltage Systems up to 1000V AC and 1500V DC as listed below.

EN 61010-2-030:2010 300V CATIII (Safety)
EN 61326-2-2:2013 (EMC)
EN 61557-1:2007 (General performance)
EN 61557-6:2007 (RCD performance)

Included Accessories

Instruction Manual
Soft Carry Case
Test lead 4mm banana plugs to 3 pin main plug

Optional Accessories 

Part No TL-30 Distribution board Lead Set as pictured below.

See Also



Our electrical test equipment meets all safety requirements and have been tested for compliance with AS/NZ61010.

There are some manufacturers that claim their electrical test equipment to be CAT III rated but have never been tested even though it is marked on the test equipment. Check your insulation tester and your continuity tester have been tested for CAT III and not just designed for CAT III.

The meters we sell have test reports to back up claims. Always be sure to check the test report before you purchase a multimeter, insulation tester, continuity tester, digital clamp meter or any piece of electrical test equipment. Check it has been tested for compliance with CAT III 1000V 

The electrical test equipment we have selected are the most popular and easy to use for most common electrical testing applications. Above all they are the best value for money packed with the most relevent ranges and accuracy. When looking for electrical test equipment always look for true RMS digital mulitmeters and clamp meters as they give the most precise measurements on distorted waveforms and non-sinusoidal waveforms on AC current and voltage.


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Kyoritsu Digital Multimeter (SKU: 1009)Kyoritsu Digital Multimeter (SKU: 1009)
Kew Tech clamp meter (SKU: KT200)Kew Tech clamp meter (SKU: KT200)
Wattmaster volt stick (SKU: WATVS)Wattmaster volt stick (SKU: WATVS)Wattmaster Volt stick gives visual and audible indication CAT III
Wattmaster Volt Stick Pro 12 (SKU: WATVSPRO)Wattmaster Volt Stick Pro 12 (SKU: WATVSPRO)

Need to pull a service pole fuse? We Stock

telescopic service fuse pulling poles

Top quality Made in USA.

Fluke 1AC-II Voltalert

Fluke 1AC-II Voltalert
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out of stock
This is an approved voltage tester made by Fluke the trusted brand when it comes to testing.
Voltbeat technology and continuous self-test with a perioodic double flash visual indication
so you always know it’s working.

- Upon detection, tip glows and beeper sounds (Audable and Visual Indication)

- CAT IV 1000 V Highest safety Rating approved voltage tester.

- 200 V to 1000 V AC

- Two-year warranty

Fluke 1AC-II - the pocket-sized approved voltage detector

Electricians, maintenance, service, safety personnel, and homeowners can quickly test for energized circuits in the workplace or at home.


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Fluke T120 Voltage/Continuity Tester with LCD

Fluke T120 Voltage/Continuity Tester with LCD
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See Fluke T130 

Perfect for all site conditions, have a rugged construction and ergonomically formed housing for perfect handling. All models offer a patented three-phase rotation detection system providing quick phase rotation indication.

Moreover they have a special electrical torch function for working in low light level environments and have an ingress protection rating of IP65.

LED Bargraph
Fluke T120: 3½ digit LCD 12 LED's
Voltage test
Visual and Buzzer continuity test
Phase Rotation Indication
Single pole test for phase detection
Indication of polarity (Automatic Detection of AC or DC Volts and output voltage)
Electrical torch function

All inputs of the T100 series are protected to EN61010-1 CAT IV 600V rating

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Fluke 179 True RMS Multimeter

Fluke 179 True RMS Multimeter
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Fluke 179 True RMS Multimeter has temperature and backlight is one of the best digital multimeters on the market.

Fluke 179 Is a true-rms digital multimeter has the features needed to find most electrical and HVAC problems.
Simple to use with significant improvements like True-rms, frequency, capacitance, temperature and min-max record.

The Fluke 179 has more measurement functions, conformance to the latest safety standards, and a much larger display with backlight that's easier to view.

Electrical safety
All inputs are protected to measurement CAT III 1000 V and CAT IV 600V. This meter can withstand transient impulses in excess of 8000 V to help protect you from arc blasts resulting from surges and spikes.

Fluke 80BK Temperature Probe
Fluke TL75 Test Leads
Installed 9V battery
Users Manual
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Independent Earth Trailing Lead

Independent Earth Trailing Lead
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This Independent Earth Lead has been developed with Australias leading utilities 

Product Information.

Setting a new standard, this independent earth lead has 1000V insulated handle,
stainless steel construction and function drilling auger for easy driving.
The ETL20SS incorporates full custom brass bushing with a patented over moulded Earth Reel,
fully adjustable drag system to prevent overspooling and ensure good Earth continuity when testing.
There is a stackable 4mm banana plug allowing fast and easy connection to a variety of test
equipment and accessories.

Product Features.

1000V Insulated Handle
20m green flexible 1.0mm cable 0.6/1kv
Adjustable drag system- no tools required
Direct connection availability via 4mm banana plug
Brass bushing for Low Resistance Connectivity
Stackable banana plug
Stainless steel construction
Auger for easy driving

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