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Welcome To Electricians Tools Online

We are an Australian online Tool shop dedicated to providing quality electricians tools and time saving tools for electricians, electrical contractors and electrical businesses.  Our purpose is to review and sell tools for electricians and electrical contractors that are unique and innovative and will save you time and or effort. We believe in selling tools that are of the highest quality and meet strict safety standards.

We are electricians ourselves and the electricians hand tools we promote have been used and reviewed by real electricians, so you know that what we sell on our site is of the safest and best quality. We love quality tools! and are passionate about providing  tools for electricians that are safe and that will save you time, effort and money.

So if you think you're fast? We sell tools that will make you faster!

Check out our great range of pliers1000 v plierscrimping tools, cable cutters, Tool bags, Electrical testing Equipment volt sticks ,low voltage switchboard rescue kits and Conduit Snakes

Just New! our range of solar installation tools and equipment


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Wire Stripper CrimperWire Stripper Crimper
Wera Zyklop  3/8 inch drive RatchetWera Zyklop 3/8 inch drive Ratchet
Wera Kraftform Kompakt VDE 7pceWera Kraftform Kompakt VDE 7pce
Wera black laser Hex key 13pce SetWera black laser Hex key 13pce Set
Wera 6 pce VDE Laser Cut Tip Screwdriver set-Kraftform Plus Series 100 Bonus Rack & TesterWera 6 pce VDE Laser Cut Tip Screwdriver set-Kraftform Plus Series 100 Bonus Rack & Tester
Wattmaster Volt Stick Pro 230Wattmaster Volt Stick Pro 230
Wattmaster Volt Stick Pro 12Wattmaster Volt Stick Pro 12
Wattmaster volt stickWattmaster volt stick
Wattmaster Industrial Gas TorchWattmaster Industrial Gas Torch
wattmaster cable stripperwattmaster cable stripper
Wattmaster 6pce VDE Screwdriver setWattmaster 6pce VDE Screwdriver set
Wall SnakeWall Snake
Voltz Tool PouchVoltz Tool Pouch
Utilux non insulated lug crimperUtilux non insulated lug crimper
Universal Swivel TipUniversal Swivel Tip
Triangle Shape Telescopic Fuse Pulling PoleTriangle Shape Telescopic Fuse Pulling Pole
Tolsen 50 Pce Insulated interchangeable Screwdriver SetTolsen 50 Pce Insulated interchangeable Screwdriver Set
Toledo File 5 Pce SetToledo File 5 Pce Set
Toledo End Cut Nipper 200mmToledo End Cut Nipper 200mm
Toledo Curved Claw HammerToledo Curved Claw Hammer
Toledo Cable Tie CutterToledo Cable Tie Cutter
Toledo Cable Cutter and StripperToledo Cable Cutter and Stripper
Toledo Aviation Snips Straight CutToledo Aviation Snips Straight Cut
Toledo Aviation snips Left CutToledo Aviation snips Left Cut
Tigerod 150mTigerod 150m
The FerretThe Ferret
The 8 meter FerretThe 8 meter Ferret
Telescopic Service Pole Fuse Puller 9.15 MeterTelescopic Service Pole Fuse Puller 9.15 Meter
Telescopic Service Pole Fuse Puller 7.62 MeterTelescopic Service Pole Fuse Puller 7.62 Meter
Telescopic Service Pole Fuse Puller 6.1 MeterTelescopic Service Pole Fuse Puller 6.1 Meter
Telescopic Service Pole Fuse Puller 10.7 MeterTelescopic Service Pole Fuse Puller 10.7 Meter
Telescopic Pulling Pole-7.9mTelescopic Pulling Pole-7.9m
Telescopic Pulling Pole-4.8mTelescopic Pulling Pole-4.8m
Standard HookStandard Hook
Standard & Deep Wall Socket Set 3/8" Drive 25 PieceStandard & Deep Wall Socket Set 3/8" Drive 25 Piece
Standard & Deep Wall Socket Set 1/4" Drive 24 PieceStandard & Deep Wall Socket Set 1/4" Drive 24 Piece
Small cable cutterSmall cable cutter
Rodalong 250mtr Continuous Conduit rodRodalong 250mtr Continuous Conduit rod
Rodalong 200mtr Continuous Conduit rodRodalong 200mtr Continuous Conduit rod
Rodalong 150mtr Continuous Conduit rodRodalong 150mtr Continuous Conduit rod
Retractable conduit snakeRetractable conduit snake
Reelmate ToolboxReelmate Toolbox
Ratchet SpannersRatchet Spanners
Ratchet Crimping Tool Non Insulated LugsRatchet Crimping Tool Non Insulated Lugs
Ratchet Crimping Tool Insulated LugsRatchet Crimping Tool Insulated Lugs
Push Pull Rod KitPush Pull Rod Kit
Pro Electricians Nylon Tool PouchPro Electricians Nylon Tool Pouch
Polyester conduit snake 30mPolyester conduit snake 30m
Polyester conduit snake 20mPolyester conduit snake 20m
Pocket Tool PouchPocket Tool Pouch
Plastic Tongue GlowPlastic Tongue Glow
Plastic Pipe Conduit CutterPlastic Pipe Conduit Cutter
Plastic Holder for PVC SnakePlastic Holder for PVC Snake
Pit Lid LifterPit Lid Lifter
NWS VDE long nose pliersNWS VDE long nose pliers
NWS VDE long nose pliersNWS VDE long nose pliers
NWS VDE Combi max pliersNWS VDE Combi max pliers
NWS Electro power side cutters VDENWS Electro power side cutters VDE
NWS Electricians side cutter VDENWS Electricians side cutter VDE
Ninja Tool PouchNinja Tool Pouch
Mini Hex Crimper 6mm2 to 50mm2Mini Hex Crimper 6mm2 to 50mm2
Metrinch Spanner Set 10 PieceMetrinch Spanner Set 10 Piece
MC 4 Solar crimper .5mm to 6mmMC 4 Solar crimper .5mm to 6mm
Marvel Flat Cable Cutting PlierMarvel Flat Cable Cutting Plier
Marvel 50m PVC Tiger SnakeMarvel 50m PVC Tiger Snake
Marvel 30m PVC Tiger SnakeMarvel 30m PVC Tiger Snake
Locking Grip PliersLocking Grip Pliers
Locking Grip PliersLocking Grip Pliers
Load Tester 1200 WattLoad Tester 1200 Watt
Led Tip For Push Pull RodsLed Tip For Push Pull Rods
Large Cable CuttersLarge Cable Cutters
Kyoritsu Voltage TesterKyoritsu Voltage Tester
Kyoritsu Insulation and Continuity TesterKyoritsu Insulation and Continuity Tester
Kyoritsu Electrical Test KitKyoritsu Electrical Test Kit
Kyoritsu electrical test kitKyoritsu electrical test kit
Kyoritsu Digital Multimeter 1012Kyoritsu Digital Multimeter 1012
Kyoritsu Digital MultimeterKyoritsu Digital Multimeter
Kyoritsu digital clamp meter 2046RKyoritsu digital clamp meter 2046R
Kyoritsu 6201A Portable Appliance TesterKyoritsu 6201A Portable Appliance Tester
Kyoritsu 6010B Multi-function Tester and Software 8212 USBKyoritsu 6010B Multi-function Tester and Software 8212 USB
Kyoritsu 4140 Fault Loop Impedance TesterKyoritsu 4140 Fault Loop Impedance Tester
Kyoritsu 1030 Pen Type MultimeterKyoritsu 1030 Pen Type Multimeter
Knipex Volt TesterKnipex Volt Tester
Knipex side cutter-ergo gripKnipex side cutter-ergo grip
Knipex side cutterKnipex side cutter
Knipex self adjusting insulation striperKnipex self adjusting insulation striper
Knipex pliers ergo gripKnipex pliers ergo grip
Knipex PliersKnipex Pliers
Knipex Plier Wrench 250mm VDEKnipex Plier Wrench 250mm VDE
Knipex Plier Wrench 250mmKnipex Plier Wrench 250mm
Knipex Plier Wrench 150mmKnipex Plier Wrench 150mm
Knipex Multi Crimp 5 DieKnipex Multi Crimp 5 Die
Knipex Multi Crimp 3 DieKnipex Multi Crimp 3 Die
Knipex long nose plier-ergo gripKnipex long nose plier-ergo grip
Knipex long nose plierKnipex long nose plier
KNIPEX High Leverage Combination PliersKNIPEX High Leverage Combination Pliers
Knipex Ergostrip Dismantling ToolKnipex Ergostrip Dismantling Tool
Knipex Dual Cut Cable ShearsKnipex Dual Cut Cable Shears
Knipex Compact Bolt Cutter Angled HeadKnipex Compact Bolt Cutter Angled Head
Knipex Cobra water pump pliersKnipex Cobra water pump pliers
Klauke 007 ratchet crimperKlauke 007 ratchet crimper
Kew Tech Voltage TesterKew Tech Voltage Tester
Kew Tech clamp meterKew Tech clamp meter
Independent Earth Trailing LeadIndependent Earth Trailing Lead
Hit Threaded Rod Cutter 10mmHit Threaded Rod Cutter 10mm
Heavy Duty Hex CrimperHeavy Duty Hex Crimper
Heavy Duty Cable Cutter 325mm2Heavy Duty Cable Cutter 325mm2
Grabbit HookGrabbit Hook
Gatic Pit Lid LifterGatic Pit Lid Lifter
Fused Series Test LampsFused Series Test Lamps
Fuse Extraction Tip With 32mm AdapterFuse Extraction Tip With 32mm Adapter
Fuse Extraction TipFuse Extraction Tip
Fluke T130 Voltage/Continuity Tester RCD TRIP with LCDFluke T130 Voltage/Continuity Tester RCD TRIP with LCD
Fluke 1AC-II VoltalertFluke 1AC-II Voltalert
Fluke 179 True RMS MultimeterFluke 179 True RMS Multimeter
Flex Head Ratchet SpannerFlex Head Ratchet Spanner
Electricians HacksawElectricians Hacksaw
Deep Wall Socket Set 3/8" Drive 12 PieceDeep Wall Socket Set 3/8" Drive 12 Piece
Deburring ToolDeburring Tool
Dankel Electricians Tool BagDankel Electricians Tool Bag
Crescent reload 26 piece industrial hole saw kitCrescent reload 26 piece industrial hole saw kit
Crescent Ratchet Cable Cutter 32mmCrescent Ratchet Cable Cutter 32mm
Contractors Lockout KitContractors Lockout Kit
Combination SquareCombination Square
Cable StandCable Stand
Cable CuttersCable Cutters
Bullet tip with pulling eyeBullet tip with pulling eye
Bullet TipBullet Tip
Bootlace Crimper 10mm-25mm2Bootlace Crimper 10mm-25mm2
Bootlace crimper .5mm to 6mmBootlace crimper .5mm to 6mm
Bondhus Hex key folding metric setBondhus Hex key folding metric set
Bondhus Hex key folding imperial setBondhus Hex key folding imperial set
Beehive Tool bag Type 2Beehive Tool bag Type 2
Beehive tool bag extra side pocketsBeehive tool bag extra side pockets
Beehive Tool bagBeehive Tool bag
Beehive Lockable Tool bag Type 2Beehive Lockable Tool bag Type 2
Beehive Full Lockable Zipped Pockets Platinum Tool BagBeehive Full Lockable Zipped Pockets Platinum Tool Bag
ball end hex key set metricball end hex key set metric
ball end hex key set A/Fball end hex key set A/F
Atom Solar Pad LightAtom Solar Pad Light
Aluminium Folding Hand TrollyAluminium Folding Hand Trolly
AEMC Phase Rotation MeterAEMC Phase Rotation Meter
Aegis F- Set Cable Pair IdentifierAegis F- Set Cable Pair Identifier
7pce Insulated screwdriver set7pce Insulated screwdriver set
6 ton Hydraulic Hand Crimping Tool Kit6 ton Hydraulic Hand Crimping Tool Kit
50m Trailing earth lead ETL-5050m Trailing earth lead ETL-50
25mm Conduit Bending Spring25mm Conduit Bending Spring
20mm Conduit Bending Spring20mm Conduit Bending Spring
12 Ton Battery Crimping Tool Kit12 Ton Battery Crimping Tool Kit
12 Ton Battery Crimping Tool12 Ton Battery Crimping Tool
100 Piece Bit Set100 Piece Bit Set

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Fellow shoppers, I have bought items from Electricians Tools Online several time now and have always been impressed with the service. Jason has been extremely contactable, helpful and speaks English to boot. The items have arrived as expected and the only time there was a problem with delivery, Jason contacted me via email to explain what he was doing to solve the problem. These days when you have to be careful of fraud and ripoffs online I can tell you that Electricians Tools Online will not be one of them. I feel totally confident buying from this site. Regards to all Steve Rogers Steve Rogers Electrical Services
Customer Testimonial
Thanks Jason Received it today. Ordered very late Wednesday 9pm ish and received Friday before noon and interstate too top it off. Couldn't be happier with service like that. Regards K. Garry Schafer
Customer Testimonial

Our tool line has been tested and approved by electricians in domestic, commercial construction and mining and industrial industries, so you can be assured when you purchase from electricians tools online our tools will not disappoint.  

Please feel free to write a review about any of our electricians tools we sell if you think it is a great tool. This will help other electricians and electrical businesses to make informed choices on electricians hand tool purchases that will save them time.

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